No More Infertility Sadness

Heyyyyy! Good day lovelies!!!

This is the day the Lord has made – let’s get up and rejoice! Sad days are OVAH! LOL.

You know what Hannah did when Eli told her that God would answer her request?

She changed her countenance (no more sad face), got up and went to eat with her fam (including the one that teased her).

What did that represent? She FULLY believed that she would have a child.

Get it? When you believe…

You act differently

Because you got your answer

AND…you live like you have it already

God told you that you would conceive? Why the sad face? Why are you still crying?

Change your countenance. Let’s get it together (is that too rough?) I’m sorry…but um…it’s Friday and I want you to have a great weekend.

Don’t you dare hide out…Get up. Go out. Go eat.

God has already done it!

Love you…much!